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NEOGEO HEROES ~Ultimate Shooting~ - Museum Unlocks

The following are data I have gathered on how item unlocking in the Museum component of this PSP bullet hell shooter from SNK works.

Note: NHUS = NEOGEO HEROES ~Ultimate Shooting~ main game; KoFSS = King of Fighters Sky Stage.

I had originally thought images for each character just unlock at random as you use the character or encounter the boss during Story Mode, but this is not the case. So, if you were frustrated that playing through all 5 endings for each character was unlocking almost nothing, this is for you. Music:
Nothing to know here except that you only qualify to put in a Subject Mode ranking entry by playing a full, 5-stage run of Subject Mode. So, if you're only as good as me (or even worse!) and can't clear all 5 stages on one credit, keep using the infinite Continues to reach the end. The score and achievement count tallies for all 5 stages get summed for the ranking.